Hello friends, I hope you like this metroidvania that I am creating.  I am a huge fan of this genre, my favorite games among them are Castlevania and Shantae.

This game is inspired by Castlevania Legends of GameBoy, and a touch of Alice in the Wonderland, the story is not very complex, it is only about Alice as the new Vampire Killer.

  1. New version, with the most balanced game.
  2. accelerated the whip.
  3. changed the end of the map.
  4. changed behavior of the big slime.


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controls are too awkward for me - why use mouse for the whip ?


Ok so the game is actually quite fun! However, I find it difficult to get past the first section without getting ambushed with enemies left and right, attacks could be telegraphed a bit better but not bad.


Difficulty will be offset by ranged power-ups like throwing knives. What you see is only the beginning of how much remains to be done.


Ah, I see... good luck on the game!


Is there a way to kill the big slime without taking damage?


Supposedly in the next update weapons that use mana are added, when the knife is added you can throw it from a distance. But like I said you must wait.

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